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Kongregate Stick War Complete Walkthrough, post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions. Description Hey this is quake beating the game Stick War, by the creators of Stick Page. Play it. Stick War Lösung (Walkthrough). Ein Stick War Walkthrough Video mit Lösungen, Tipps und Tricks um schwierige Level zu bestehen. Handyspiele | Cool. Kill this archidon by attacking him normally. Your confidence is your weakness! Start a wiki Community Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat Advertise Media Kit Contact. Stick War 2 Walkthrough. Do you prefer economic might? They will attack right before the sun sets so the have time to set up your miners and get as many Archidons as possible,before the attack, you should also attempt to train some swordmen to cover your statue and Archidons. I understand that you would like to comment, but to avoid spamming, please don't comment. That way, your gold will increase twice as fast. LEVEL 8 ARCHIDON AND SPEARTON: If you want to play more games, check out Stick War or Army Of Ages. Your confidence is your weakness! What should I do? Of course, if all your giants are dead and you have not enough money to get a american ldol one, nor enough time to get the gold, use your swordwrath and kill. That way, your gold will increase twice as fast. After this level upgrade your miner's pick by 2 levels. Your units won't attack the enemy statue, but if the enemy units approach your statue they will attack the enemy units. Aug 26, 9: A good combinations of Archidons and swordman are required here,with a spearton thrown in if you prefer.

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Peak Of Potencia Furious Napkins TEAM OF WINNERS Team Zenith Empire's Throne. Pertland is a small neutral nation. Download Stick War Wallpaper here! Take control of your miner and just mine. This guy is your most basic unit.

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Die coolsten spiele der welt After you finished the level, upgrade your statue's gold intake by 2 levels. Be sure to play it here: Also, press the attack button for your backup. When you have reached the enemy statue, kill the miners there, and start attacking the statue. Just mine get grip mine and mine and mine and mine and mine. Level up your new unit, the giant's maximum health by 2 points. This guy is your most basic unit.
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You just got a new unit and you're dying to try it out. Although they are weak and pathetic they still serve a purpose, and don't worry I have a feeling you will be getting some swords soon enough! Stick War 2 is an online action game which you can play for free here at CrazyGames. If he turns around, you go behind him again. Control a clubman to attack the Archidon statue. Take control of a miner, get some gold, get lots of swordwrath, and take control of one of them.

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After you've massacred the swordwraths level up your statue's gold intake by 2 levels. A Spearton accompanied by Swordman and magikills should be able to beat this level with little trouble, just replace any lost units. Also, if you don't know that, any unit can insta kill of you attack the enemy from the back besides for Magikill and Giant. Not only that, when you face an you should be able to move up and down the plane while running towards the , almost like a zig zag pattern which will make it much more difficult for the archidons to hit you. Block against any thrown spears by pressing the Q button. Ad blocker interference detected! You can only use these guys if you actually deployed a magikill. Well this is a first but i need help with this game on this level. Create clubmen too, however,the Swordwrath will kill the archidons in a melee battle. When your giant's finally at the enemy statue, get all your swordwrath to go back and man the fort. The key to this stage is controlling swordwrath. The spearton would be the next most likely unit to be used as compared to the useless archidon or the magikill. Build up resources, mana and soldiers to conquer your enemies with your stick-man armies.